De-Sensitizing Clarifying Serum-In-Gellee

De-Sensitizing Clarifying Serum-In-Gellee
Item# DSCS-I-G

The most direct, targeted and fastest acting delivery system for niacinamide, Serum-In-Gelée is the effective way to penetrate layers of the skin with a targeted mission: maximize niacinamide uptake without hampering antioxidant, medication or sunscreen performance.

De-Sensitizing Clarifying Serum-In-Gellée leaves your usual day-to-day Skincare Programme intact.

Simply switch your existing cleansing protocol with this specialized gel, AM or PM (maximum use once a day). Space applications equally apart:

Dry Skin: 2-4x/week
Oily Skin: 4-6x/week
Mixed Skin: 3-5x/week

Apply 0.3-0.6 mL (3-6 pumps) to damp skin, massage gently for up to one minute. Rinse with cool to tepid water. Follow your usual protocol, starting with the antioxidant Reprieve Serum Pure.

50 mL / 1.69 Fl. Oz.