Anti-Inflammatory Foaming Cleanser

Anti-Inflammatory Foaming Cleanser

Suitable for all skin types.

Sulphate-free liquid cleanser with high anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and ceramide content.

Develops into a fine aerated foam upon depressing pump.

Reduces appearance of redness and irritation.

Apply to dry or moist skin.

Use gentle cleansing motions.

Rinse with tepid water.

May be left on for up to 5 minutes to enhance effects.

For best results use after application of Rosacea Pre-Cleansing Emulsifier.

Follow with antioxidant, serum, moisturizer and/or sunscreen.

Activation Instructions:

Pour two the solution bottles (Solution A: 55 ml and AOX+ Solution B: 55 ml) into the foaming pump bottle and shake to combine. Re-shaking not required.

110 ML