Protective Micro-Exfoliating Cream

Protective Micro-Exfoliating Cream

Rosacea Micro Exfoliating Cream contains perfectly spherical alumina microdermabrasion particles to:

Remove dry or flaky skin

Renew skin texture

Lessen fine lines

Speed resolution of pimples/papules/pustules

Reduce visibly open pores

Enhance absorption and beneficial activity of rosacea medications

Improve the cosmetic wear of rosacea moisturizers, sunscreens or make-up applied after its use.

Unlike conventional facial exfoliants, Rosacea Micro Exfoliating Cream does not:

Lacerate skin or

Damage capillaries.

Unlike chemical exfoliants and procedures such as glycolic acid peels, Rosacea Micro Exfoliating Cream:

Does not acidify skin;

Does not damage or remove viable skin cells;

May be customized according to individual needs (see instructions at the link below).

For detailed information, see

50 ML / 1.7 OZ.